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+ Our employees are uniformed professionals. They are comprehensively trained and justly compensated for their industriousness and quality work. WE DO BACKGROUND CHECKS THROUGH HOMELAND SECURITY!

+ Resource Service Solutions is fully Insured and bonded. We carry General Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation insurance.

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Resource Service Solutions is a full-service management company with a twenty-four year history of providing quality service to executive and industrial clients in the United States.  Founded in 1986 as a woman-owned company, we have grown from humble beginnings to our current position as a preferred service provider to major multi-national companies.  A desire to be the best in the industry combined with a commitment to building lasting relationships through quality customer service has propelled Resource Service Solutions from beyond the immediate Kansas City area, the location of our headquarters, into all of the continental US and the islands of Hawaii and Puerto Rico and Guam. Our broad range of experience, dedicated professional staff and solid understanding of best industry practices enable us to meet and exceed client requirements along a complete spectrum of services.

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"Resource Service Solutions is one of our top service providers!" -Sprint/Nextel

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RESOURCE SERVICE SOLUTIONS is a full service management company offering services in the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Guam!